Up here in cold VA, I can't get the cleaners to switch over to aluminum coat hangers.

Kinda have the same feelings though regarding this oil pan. Chasing cracks is not my cup of tea. Were it mine, it would have been in the dumpster a long time ago and a newly fabbed one would be on the engine.

Where are you located in the Keys? Spent a fair amount of time in the Keys when I was in grad school at UM. Good friend of mine used to run the Key Largo Dive Center. Edison Irving (runs Strataglas) who's dad owns Pipewelders is also a close friend. Ed (who used to run the Cape May, NJ facility for Pipewelders) used to do most of my tower builds when I was a Bertram dealer for VA & MD (late 80's/early 90's).

How's business down in the Keys? Sales in the mid atlantic suck, but repair/maintenance work is keeping our yards pretty busy.