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.................................. and don't worry too much about product liability......................................... .......

Most of us are probably too "poor" to sue anyway. The lawyers won't take the case for the opposing side if there's no payout for them.
Even tho this is the worst advise in the world... it is very true in most cases. Unless it was truly a criminal thing how poorly the work was done and they just wanna take you for everything you have and get all they can... like when a death is involved or someone is crippled for life.
If you have all the right equipment to do this type of work then fine.
If not, then actually you are not only yanking our chain but your own as well.
If you don't even have a "biz" then I am here to tell you that building cages will merely be a fleeting moment in the grand scope of being a welding business. It is just "sizzle". You don't want to expect to base your lifestyle on this, so don't let it enter into your thinking unless you have been working for a PRO cage builder and are now breaking out on your own.
The money for those types of projects dries up overnight quite frequently.
I build cages/headers when I can and the money is there, but I never make it a priority because there normally isn't enuff of that to feed the family if you know what I mean. Way too many hours for the money that it brings unless you are working for known "pros"....and if you were we wouldn't be having this discussion.
If you was me, you would build things of that nature (cages, fuel tanks etc..) for cash only with no receipts and I also have a very bad@$$ brother in law I threaten them with as well
You should maybe sponsor one to test the water first. If you aren't willing to do that then chances are you wouldn't care much for it anyway.
Most everyone I sponsored..... I pretty much was able to remember what a looser way to make money racing is. And I have thirty years of that now.
BTW....you can pretty much get sued for making ANYTHING on a car that modifies it from stock when you really think about it.