Thought I would show off a little project I've been building for myself. I've been doing some practicing with my little MIG welder, and finally decided to put my welding skills to the test and build a pocketbike. This is not just any pocketbike, mind you - the entire bike is built from scrap metal I had laying around, plus parts from junker pocketbikes and gopeds.

So it begins ............. the Re-Cycle.

Height: 20" at handlebars, 15" at seat
Length: 28"
Width: 8"
Wheels: 4" goped wheels, running 9x3.5-4 tires
Drivetrain: 47cc pocketbike engine with CVT

-Needs to be short enough to fit under the tonneau cover of my truck so it can be fully closed and locked - max height 16".
-Front end easily removable to accomplish this, perhaps removeable handlebars.
-Use pocketbike engine and goped wheels for drivetrain - #25 chain.
-EXTRA CHALLENGE: make it all from recycled metal laying around. Only purchased items can be drivetrain and wheels.