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    Gary I’ve been meaning to ask you for a couple days now but keep forgetting, (byproduct of old age)!
    Did you incorporate any vertical adjustment in your rollers? I didn’t see any, just wondering what you had in mind?
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    Nope, no way to adjust the height of the rollers, if that's what you are asking.

    I laid out the I-beams on jackstands with screw adjustable tops that allow me to get things perfectly level before welding it up. So, the base is pretty straight and level and I didn't have to make any adjustment to the height of the rollers to get them also straight and level.

    The shop floor isn't perfectly straight and level, but the I-beams even out most of that. If I were to build the same setup without the I-beams, I would bolt the stands down to the concrete with allthread to allow for some fine-tunning in height adjustment.
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