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At 35,000 pounds that should be plenty of safety factor!
Trolleys for wide flange beams are hard to find, once you find one, and get back up off the floor you may need to float a loan to pay for it.
Well I shot from the hip using dimensions I've used in the past. And granted I believe my w14X43 is actually a 2 ton beam not a one ton so yeah a bit of over kill.
As for the trolly Well it depends on what you want to do and what you consider expensive.
I have a 2 ton Cm loadstar with trolley in my shop looking for a home I'd be willing to part with it for cheap. It has a wide flange trolley on it.
As for buying one well it would be cheaper to buy a hoist with a trolley attached. A yale or budget hoist would run about $1500 for a 1/2 ton unit.
Our XN chain hoists with trolley would run upwards of $5K
So yeah things can get expensive.

How much money do you plan to invest in this?? Crane systems are nice .... Nice and expensive

Place four columns in your garage. Columns should have a 10x10 base plate with 3/4" anchor bolts spaced 7x7" into the concrete floor min four inch depth. Span the top of the columns with w12x14
then run a w12x14 from front to back of the two headers drill through and bolt all in place using 1/2" A325 bolts and nuts.
This would give you a freestanding monorail system that could be rated for 1 ton. Load testing would be required