Thanks for the advice.

I shouldn't have a problem getting my shop up to temperature for the welding and I can keep the air flow to a minimum to keep the shielding gas from being washed away.

I've been MIG welding for several years now, and when I had access to a TIG welder I did a bit of welding on mild steel. I'm not totally new to the process but I definately am in the learning stages.

You are right about setting it up on a jig and starting from there. I'm going to get a piece of 1/4" plate and stiffen the back with sq tube and legs make it all flat then start by putting tabs on the plate for holding the tubes in place.

My Son will definately be involved. He loves the Plasma cutter and he is starting to learn to weld. One of the reasons we got him into racing is to gain hands on mechanical experience with motors, electrical, welding, fab etc. Plus the fact is he loves to race and is pretty good at it.

I'll post pics as I get going on the project.

Thanks again!