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There isnt much work going on right now.I think the Miller may be hurting you too. Most (not all) pipeline guys want Lincolns. The colors are kinda goofy too, the red graphics with a blue bed and shiny shapes stuck everywhere. Im not trying to be mean, its just really personalized.
yeah i know the graphics turn alot of people away from the truck. when i bought it(the truck with regular bed), the guy couldn't sell the truck cuase of the paint so i got a good deal.

but it is a now a work truck. its made to be used not look good. if someone is turned away from it cause the looks aren't the best ever, then they are an idiot cuase you won't find another one set up this nice for this price. if the buyer is that worried about what a welding truck looks like, they should check their gender and probably buy a miata. haha