Ok. I have seen truggies and buggies. I have seen jacked up 4x4s of all kinds. I have been messing with 4x4s for over a decade. I want to build my own buggy/truggy to haul to various rides and so on. I know the basics of how and what I want to do. I am curious about building the frame instead of chopping and welding on an automotive frame. How hard is it to build a custom frame? I will be running a small block v-8, most likely a chevy 350 variant. If I can find an sm-420 or 465 tranny and an np-205 splitter. I'm in the air about the axles and suspension. I want to be sturdy yet light for the horsepower. I also want to be able to tackle a variety of terrain. Not much for rocks in Louisiana, but I need to be able to handle them if I travel. Basically I need to find and all around platform to work with and build. Hills, mud, ravines, rocks, water crossing (i.e. snorkeling the intake). Any experiance and knowledge will be helpful. Materials info, tool info, the works. Thanks fellas.