Hello people I just wanted to share some of my projects with you.
I'm 27 years old, I have worked mechanic since high school but tinkered on old cars with my older brother since I was around 13. My experience in automotive lead me into welding. I decided to become certified and I am soon to become a boiler tube welder. Right now I'm practicing for the #41cert; stainless, 2.5" TIG test. The picture above is my root pass, I can free-hand or walk the cup.

In the evenings I have been building myself a new smoker-grill.

Here is my old grill in need of replacing.... It has served me well for a few years now but its about done

I'm going to keep the progress of my smoker grill updated this weekend and I hope to get lots more done. I need to make the racks and exhaust/intake then legs and a special secret I wont reveal until the end.