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    Default Hammer Drill Recommendation

    I've gone through a couple of Bosch 1199VSR hammer drills. Neither one lasted very long. This is a 1/2" drill.

    I don't want to waste another $160 for a drill that last for only a hundred holes or so. (I've had good luck with my other Bosch power tools). Maybe I need to go to a bigger drill like a 3/4" with more power.

    Anyone recommend a good one that will last a few years insead of a few months?
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    If you want a good one, you will need to spend more money...a lot more. The small ones just don't hit right. We call them screamers. They turn too fast and are generally ineffective unless all you do is a few 1/4" or smaller holes a year. The better ones are lower rpm and harder hitting. They also do not use the smooth shank bits. SDS, SDS Max and spline drive all make the better to best drives.

    My best one to date has been a Bosch 11222EVS 1 1/8 SDS rotary hammer. Home Depot and Lowes even sell them now. I have had mine for 10 years now. The guys have tried to kill it, but it just keeps on drilling and hammering hard. It works best on holes 3/4" and below, but will still do a good job on bigger ones. Chisels pretty good, too. The next best one I had was a Bosch 11232EVS...1 1/2" spline drive rotary hammer. If you need to drill holes larger than 1" all the time or do heavy chiseling, that is the one. Mine was great until someone needed it worse than I did.

    I also have a B&D 7/8 SDS drive rotary hammer. It still works, but is definitely getting very tired. It runs 1/2" and down holes well enough. The 1 1/8 will smoke it, though.

    I have no idea how many holes either of these drill have done. When I first got the Bosch 1 1/8, I had to drill over 1000 1/2" holes in very hard concrete. No problems. It has to have drilled well over 100,000 holes...maybe twice that or more, I just have no idea. The B&D 7/8" may be around 50,000? I have had it for nearly 20 years now. I wish they put hole counters on these things.

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    Yes get a bigger bosch. I have/had them all when it comes to any and all sizes of hammer/impact drills. BOSCH....all the way... and any repair shop will also telll you bosch is BY FAR the best when it comes to hammer/impact tools. Its not even close. Sorry to hear about your problems, but I would say something was not normal, like lemon drill/reman drill/ improper application type stuff. I have Some bosch hammer/core drills that are almost as old as me and 2 of them have never been repaired. All My milwaukees are for sale They drill up to 2.5" drills to 6" core or atleast the manual specs say they will. But I have hard time drilling 2-1" holes for hosebibs a day without it breaking. On my 3rd free updated replacement from Milwaukee . Milwaukee jackhammer went down last month too. I have run 3 metabos in past years, and they held up and were good, but I prefered the Bosch units.
    you know that each manufacturer speciallizes in one particular tool very well, but they don't doo them all good. Dewalts, I can't sell you because they are all irrepairable or more to repair than a new unit. Makitas are nice but I would never own one for buisness use.

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    Default Hammer drills

    I have the same B&D that DDA52 has and I also have a 1/2" 2 speed B&D industrial model #5207. Both of these drills are 20 or so years old and God only knows how many thousands of holes they have drilled. Most of my holes are for 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch lag bolts and are anywhere from 3" to 6" in depth for the lag bolts we use to bolt machinery to the floor. I don't recall how much I paid for them but that wouldn't matter much compared to today's pricing. I give both of these drills two thumbs up. Dave
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    Default Do you want the best?

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    I have used Milwalkee, Porter cable,BD all shot. I now have a Bosch SDS Plus.
    Great machine and fast, less then $400.00 at MSC.

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    I have the Bosch 1 1/8 SDS. Great machine. The only problem I've ever run into with it is the fact that they don't have reverse. If you ever bind a large bit on some rebar or something, you have to get a set of channel locks or vise grips to back the bit up.

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    i have a couple differnt bosch's and havent had any problems with them. i also have a couple hilti's too i think if i had to replace a bosch i would get the hilti there a little stouter and have some more comforts too
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    I've always had the Bosch's, don't remember the model numbers but both use the SDS style bits. No complaints, many hundreds of holes, fast and efficient, although the smaller one has a clutch starting to slip.

    My friends in construction swear by Hilti though . . .

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    Aug 2007
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    Hilti is the way to go. A little more up front , but no hassles later on.
    I used a "TE14" and a "TE22" (both discontinued due to upgrades) all day every day for years. They get a shot of WD40 down the chuck or collet when they get a little sticky from dust and they're good to go.

    I remember one time (at band camp...) I was drilling into a concrete wal and the bit wasnt going anywhere.. So I pushed harder. The drill wnet slower so i pulled it out and the tip of the now very dull bit was glowing red hot. I could have lit a large Cuban cigar with it!!! Rebar sux
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