I have no storage on my trailer, so I decided to throw together a toolbox. This will mount in the area inside the tongue where the spare tire currently sits. Spare tire will be moved underneath.

Its all made from 1/8 HRS plate. I sheared it myself at a local shop. They charged me $50 to use their big mechanical shear for an hour - an awesome deal IMO. Plasma cutting would have warped it too much and laser / waterjet is just too expensive.

Took probably 50-60 hours of time total, including design. No parts were bent in any way. All parts were welded together as outside corner joints and ground smooth to look like they were bent. That includes the main box (12 seams) and the lid (3 seams). First the grinder, then 30 grit sander, then 80 grit sander. Yeah, that part kinda sucked.

Lift struts, rod ends, ball studs, and latch all came from McMaster Carr. Hinges and foam tape came from Lowe's. All powdercoated black so hopefully the rust stays away for quite a while. Grade 8 hardware because its bling. :lol:

I've got about $200 into it total. Its a little more than I wanted to spend, but its exactly what I want and will last forever. It takes up all the available space in the tongue of my trailer, so I should be able to store a ton of stuff in it.

Tongue area (everything behind the torsion bar mounts). Old picture when the trailer was being built, but you get the idea.

Plate after shearing.

Outside corner joints with ideal penetration inside

All finished