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Does anyone have any expereince with using the TIPTIG for welding copper? I am still trying to find out who is actually using the TIPTIG in the North America.

Anyone have experience with using the TIPTIG with a Dynasaty 700?

It sound like an interesting product but at $15K plus it is not something you just go out and buy.

I would like to hear some users comments as compared to what you see on the TiptTigusa.com website
I use 3 Tip-Tig machines where I work currently. This process is very impressive. Very low heat input and maximizes productivity and mechanical properties. I myself was a little weary about the machine. I visited Ed, Nick, and Tom at their facility and ran samples with the machine. I was blown away. Now i have three more coming in now. If anyone is interested in maximizing productivity and quality of their welds, this is definently the way to go.