I was originally going the build a jib crane in my back yard for loading and unloading my welder from my truck but now I am thinking gantry crane instead.

Here's my problem it has to be able to be moved on my lawn and in 2 directions if that makes sense. I don't know exactly how much weight it needs to carry. I was thinking 1 ton would be about right but that might be over kill for what i need. My welder weighs 595lb dry and I am going to be building a skid with tool boxes and the usual stuff so I'm not sure on what the final weight will be.

back to my problem. What to I use for casters that can hold the weight and be able to roll on lawn it doesn't have to roll loaded juts to move it out of the way when not in use and into position to use it.

Does anyone have any ideas or pictures od any gantry crane that aren't rolling on cement? All I have so far is a big S-beam that I picked up at auction years ago so I am open to any and all ideas.

If I didn't give enough info just tell me what you need to know and I am happy to post it.

Thank you.