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Thread: Lazy Jake

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    Oct 2011

    Default Lazy Jake

    Here's what I did with the 'derusted wheel' I posted here a few days ago. I wanted to call it 'Lazy Susan' but SWMBO insisted on 'Lazy Jake.' The table was a vo-ag project when I was a freshman in high school in, um, 1964/65. I was looking for a project when a guy said, 'Build me a welding table,' and he bought the materials. When it was done, I ran into him and said I'd bring it by. He said, 'Keep it.' I wasn't one to argue.

    The there were a couple of IHC (International Harvester) logos on the castings and grease cup, so I HAD to paint it red. But I guess IHC of this vintage could have been blue.

    I will probably fix some better hangers for the rod holders and something for the grinder cords. Here are the photos of the maiden voyage.....

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Many cordless tools...........
    2 cordless hammers
    2 cordless punches
    1 cordless chisel
    2 cordless screwdrivers, 1 + and 1 -
    and a cordless adjustable wrench that also doubles as a hammer.....

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    Default Lazy Jake

    That wheel looks really good. I love Anything to do with IH and its history. That is a great way to repurpose that thing. What are you planning to do for the rod holders? It would be cool if you could incorporate other classic IH parts. Please remember to update as you have progress.

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    Jan 2009


    I like it. I posted a link to it here.

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    Oct 2006


    Cool ! Not lazy but efficient . I'm a Deere guy myself.

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    Aug 2013


    Very nice! I bet the IH wheel is super heavy and has a nice feel as it rotates. Probably can't even feel the power tools on it.

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