I heard this thing a while back. Some one was wanting a tattoo and their was saying "yeah, so you can express your individuality, just like all your friends!" I've thought about that for a long time. I never did end up with a tattoo, much to my surprise and am too old now, nor would they go well with my family/personal life/upscale business. Iv'e also changed my viewpoint significantly since i was 18 and immortal and I know that my viewpoint for a tattoo would change after 20 years or so too. I saw a woman who was in her 50's that had some tattoos a while back. They were blurred and faded and aged her quite a bit. Definitly not the look I am going for when I am in my later years. Someone once told me they have improved the ink for tattos so much, unfortunately they haven't made that many improvements in skin during that time.