I've watched this tread since the beginning, and seen some very interesting 'takes' on the subject.

From my own experience-
I've been around tattoed folks alot, and don't think they are any big deal.
In the Service, lots of folks have, & get more of them, and I've been to countrys with some of the best tattoo artists on the planet-- that worked almost for free.

But, I never got one.
Something that keeps rolling around in my head is a comment I heard a long, long time ago from a guy who'd worked at the maximum security, state mental institution, for the criminaly insane.
---------The patients in there, weren't never gonna get out and go home.

He made the observation once,
"No,,,,,,,,, you don't have to be crazy to get a tattoo,,,,,,,
However,,,,,,,,,,,, ALL!!! the crazy people have them".