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    Default How do I build a Flange roller?

    'Flange roller' 'Flange turner' 'Fab wheel'

    Whatever term you use Im referring to the device pipe welders clamp in their vice to roll spool pieces. I have scoured the net trying to find information on how to build one to no avail.

    I know how to build the part that the pipe flange mates up to but I dont know how the bearing part is made, or what type of bearing to use.

    If anyone could give me some hints on this it would be hugely appreciated.

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    I just use a set of rollers on top of a pipe jack (2 sets). If you want to make one to bolt a flange to you could make one out of a couple of pillow blocks and a piece of coldd rolled. If you want to go even cheaper than that, build one out of a junk rear end from a truck/car. That will net you two bearings and carriers, and an axle with a flange on the end. You can make your own carbon brush from brushes from an engine drive welder or generator. I have found taking a large diameter piece of welding cable, stripping the end and making a holder to let it ride on the axle is sufficient for me. I have heard of guys injecting a copper anti sieze into the bearings or added conductivity. Your mileage may vary.

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