i was called to see if i could haul away some junk behind this man's house. as i was loading the truck, i came across an old trailer hub and brakes. it is off of a 10,000 lb axle. the hub still spins. i also found a small piece of pipe that is stout enough to start making my "crane". it is 4 inch schedule 120 d.o.m. pipe and also about 6 foot of 2x4 5/16 wall rectangle tubing. i have some a572 gr50 3/8 plate left over from another job. i also have a piece of 3/4 plate left over. with all of this, i can make my crane. i will post pics as i go. (i sold the scrap for enough to buy a bottle jack and a tank of fuel). now i wont have to sacrifice a cherry picker.