i am currently working on a '78 gmc 3/4 ton 4wd with flatbed. the thread "rig truck help" shows pics and the story behind it. i built a new flatbed for it and i want to set the upright from a cherry picker on the bed behind the drivers side. several jobs that i come across requires me to pick up pieces to be welded and i have to waste time and money getting and waiting on help to lift them onto the bed of the truck. i have 2 cherry pickers so i want to "donate" one of them to the cause. figuring out how to tie it in to the frame is not the problem, it is somehow allowing it to swivel so that i can pick the pieces up, rotate over the bed and set them down. bind it and drive. my wife has put me on a close budget on this truck, so i wont be able to buy anything prefabbed. anyone have any ideas for this please help.