the next question much is she willing to spend...LOL...cuz if ya let me play with lots of money there are more options than we could count...LOL


assuming that budget is reasonable yet not might consider a version of what James tried to show you but with a scissor lift on furniture you have to have fixed points somewhere both ends top and bottom can not both move..

if you have access to a machine shop or a friend ... you can create what you need to make a nice clean mechanism for a modified scissor lift.

Also for about $500 or so...less? more...depending.. you could put a ball transfer/linear actuator to move it electrically.

the slower and lighter the less it will cost to move. The problem is you usually end up at a mechanical disadvantage when trying ot keep things clean to you have to provide more force than the weight you are actually trying to lift.

hope this helps...any questions or more specifics..just ask

Sorry if this is too general...I hate when people try to solve my problems as opposed to trying to help me work through and still get where I wanted to be so I am being intentionally vague...don't want to influence the artistic process too much...