Okay, so I was bored .......

I was messing around in the garage yesterday, and began looking at some of the oddball parts and scraps I've collected over the past few months. My welding has been improving (somewhat), so I figured why not try something dificult, like a new kind of sculpture? Of course, being from a mechanic background and being around cars and bikes all the time, I thought that a hot rod would be cool. Then my eyes fell on a couple of pie plates and the top from a pan, and thought, "No, what about an alien hot rod?" With that thought firmly in mind, I set out to build an Ed Roth-esque flying saucer with a monster alien "pilot."

First shots: that's an old 6" c-clamp I picked up for a buck, with a 5 lb. weight on the bottom. The c-clamp was tweaked pretty bad and unusable, so I carved a notch in it and welded it to the weight to make a base. Both were shot over in Rustoleum Satin Black.

Next, the saucer section itself. The bottom section is the lid from a pot, the top piece is a pie pan I cut up. The lid's handle was removed, and a couple of nuts on the remaining threaded stub fit perfectly inside the old c-clamp's threads. Right now, it's not welded together, as I still need to do some work on the "internals."

The "command section" - floorboard is a square spatula, dashboard is half-round spatula, gauges are nuts of varying sizes, steering wheel is buttonhead bolt welded onto a large washer, seat is a gate hinge supported by large nut, "Bigfoot" gas pedal from flat metal stock trimmed and ground to shape, gearshift is made from a 60* Allen wrench with a Coors bottle opener welded on top for the shift knob. All this is eventually getting painted.

Dig that crazy shifter, daddy-o :

A few shots of everything placed together - final welding will be done after finishing interior detail and the driver:

To be continued ......