I am jumping back into welding after about 18 years away. To explain why I left,,I moved out of state with my ex-wife, couldn't find a job so I became a cop. Need something to add to my retirement so,,,,,

Anyway. Security doors are real big out here in New Mexico so I thought I would fab some up for cash. Only trouble I'm having is finding the piece the locks go in.

I have looked at many different styles and types and they all use what apears to be the same part. It is a purpose built steel "box" that has holes for the locks pre-drilled so that it can by welded into the door. The have a step to build up the thick ness from 1" to make the lock work right.

Anyone out there have a supply source for them?

I've googled till my eyes went blurry with no luck.

Any direction would be great