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Try this guy: http://www.blotorches.com/miniatur.html Seems to be a collector of old alcohol torches.

Also, I think the alcohol torches they use for wax casting uses denatured alcohol as fuel.
I found this on the web site with a picture, exactly like mine. I am going to email them, see if I can get more detailed information.

One of the more interesting miniature blow torches is the two chamber alcohol. These came in two flavors, one with a baffle/mix chamber and one without. In the case of the type without a mix chamber, the auxiliary wick must be burning at all times for the torch to work. The self generation can only occur in a torch with the mix chamber/baffle and therefore, once the torch is up to operating temperature, the wick can be blown out. These are very beautiful little torches and they are lit very easily and come up to operating temperature very quickly.