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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonora Iron View Post

    Might just be too many years of building handrails for commercial applications, but 24 inch tall handrails raises the small hairs on the back of my neck!
    If you look at the final photo, you will see that the upper rails match the height and style of the railing on the lower deck. 24" is somewhat a standard height for pontoon side rails. I've never seen or heard of anyone falling over the side rails on a pontoon boat, so I figured that the same for the upper is OK. Most of the users of the upper deck are kids, and the 24" height is fine for them anyway....

    Also, I've seen a number of double decker pontoons, and a lot of them have only 12" side rails!

    Another point of consideration is the total overall height. When I have this mounted on the trailer, the height of the slide, which is a little above the handrails, is 13 foot even. 13' 6" is the standard legal height. I couldn't have railing much taller and still be legal on the road....
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    Donít take me wrong here Jeff; youíve done a fantastic job! I donít know anything about boat building. Just seems as that handrail is more of a tripping hazard than fall prevention. In a commercial application 42Ē for platform handrail and 37Ē for stairways.

    As long as your insurance agent is happy Iím

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    I noticed that the Miller ads were obscuring the first post, so I resized the photos to make it more readable.....
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    Coolmate 3
    Millermatic 135
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