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    Default 211 recommended settings question

    Im obviously new to welding so excuse my novice question but answer me this:

    I just got my miller 211 and have been playing around with the auto-set and the recommended settings for wire speed and voltage. I find that, if I use the rec'd setting or switch it to auto-set, im either getting an excessively large bead by going too slow or, going faster, getting a good looking bead but not getting the penetration that I would like. If I turn the wire speed down below the recommended setting, however, I seem to get a great bead with good penetration. For instance, if im welding 1/4" at 90 degrees with .030 wire, the rec'd settings are 6/90. I find, however, that the weld looks a lot better if set to 6/70...Is this common or am I just too novice to understand what a good bead and good penetration looks like?

    Many Thanks

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    To be honest with you, I think the autoset feature is there for the true first time beginner, I too tried it and found that it wasnt even close. But for the first timer, and we all were, it will get you close.

    I never have like pre programmed or tap machines for this very reason.
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    I have a MM140 w/o AS, I just use the chart inside the cover to set the machine close and adjust from there. Most every post I've read on these forums regarding the AS feature the guy ends up tweaking the controls to get the desired results anyway. Miller uses this feature as a major selling point on these machines, but from what I'm reading on these posts it's really no big advantage to have it on there if you end up setting the controls manually. If I end up getting one with AS, I'll probably just consult the chart as I have been doing and go from there.

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    Default I suspected

    Many thanks. Im going to use the rec'd settings and then tweak from there. I'll learn more in the process this way.

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