Well, since this is the automotive and motorsports section, thought I'd post up a little project i did for one of my bikes.

I ride and repair pocketbikes as a hobby. One of my bikes, The Rat, is a pint-sized ratbike, with various fun features such as an Altoids can air cleaner, DuPont spraypaint can muffler, dremel wrench killswitch cover, and a custom seat made from sheet metal, stick-on neoprene pad and supported by a cutdown office keyboard track. Here's a shot of the entire bike, showing most of the stuff I just listed:

Well, I was fooling around in the garage, and happened to think that The Rat needed something more, something totally custom that I KNEW no one had done before on a pocketbike, something that would really make a statement. I had a bunch of those old "flat-bar" wrenches laying around, and decided that several of them welded together would make a neat one-off chain guard for the bike. Second pic shows some of the wrenches laying near the front wheel - that top wrench on the chain guard is a 19mm/22mm wrench from a Yamaha tool kit.

In the first picture, you can see the old chain guard - not real exciting, just some cheap thin flat metal bent to shape. My new chain cover doesn't wrap around the bottom of the chain like the original one does, but offers some heavy-duty protection because of the thickness of the steel. Those cheapy ones get torn up pretty good when the chain breaks .....

While I was at it, I drilled another wrench and used it for a rear brake bracket: