Hi guys, I have a liitle more free time now and am starting to do more metal working projects. I have had a miller xmt and s64 wire feeder for about 5 years now and use it when needed for repairs and what not.

I am starting to work on cars more and other metal working projects and would like to start expanding my metal working machine collection. I have been searching this site for about 2 hours now looking at past posts and found a few projects that I would like to make. I was searching for plans for a metal/pipe bender in particular. The place I worked at last had one that was home made and pretty nice.

So I'm going to keep searching for plans that others have built but was wondering if anyone has links to plans for metal working equipement. In particular a metal/pipe bender, belt sander(I saw a really nice one that someone built on this site), a brake/bender, a press, and I'm sure there is other equipment I could use! I really like building my own tools.

Thanks for any links to plans or feels free to email me any plans or pics you might have for these machines that you've already built. Scott