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    There are many hidden menus in the 200. Each is excessed by turning the machine off and pressing a series of buttons on the front panel while turning the machine back on. Depending which buttons are pressed and held will bring you to different menu functions.
    These are all outlined in the manual.

    Let us know if you still get stuck.


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    Default Here

    Seems like the right thread to address this right here....

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    Since I'm new to the tig process, I look forward to this thread as being a great asset. If the experienced will start putting the settings of the dynasty for the material they are using, I think it will help all of us dynasty users. Look forward to following and if I ever get good enough, I will add my settings for what works. Now, most of what I could add wouldn't help anyone.

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    Default Dynasty 200 dx - late model

    I have been welding steel stampings,.030 parts and experimenting with pulse on them, It is noisy thats for sure, I have noticed that when starting an arc it will bridge the two pieces easier, and the tungsten point lasts much longer.

    I am using .040 tungsten for this particular part.

    I am setting the machine at 60 amps 50 percent 50 cycles and 20 percent background to weld the .030 stamping to a .0625 coupling and get 100% penetration. (average amps are 36)

    I set it for 34 amps 50 perrcent 50 cycles and 20 percent background to weld the .030 stamping to a .030 spigot fitting on the other end of it, 100% penetration. (average amps are 20)

    These are fusion welds, no filler, in the event I need it I use .023 mig wire..
    As far as aiding the penetration with pulse, I havent noticed any difference over DC only. I have talked to others that say it makes a big difference, but I havent seen it yet, but then I am old and a bit dumb........

    I would like to see a provision on the machine to see what your average amps are when setting up the pulse without striking an arc, this would make changing the percentages much easier without doing the math.
    mike sr

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    Wondering if one of you computer guys or gals could design a worksheet to be posted here that would have a space by each type of data for entry by us welders. It would simplify what has to be typed by the person providing the information.

    Thinking something like

    __________________Type of Welder

    __________________Type of Material

    __________________Specification of Material (length/width/thickness)

    Welder setup






    ______Y - N____________Pulser used?

    __________________If Yes Peak T


    __________________Gas type


    __________________Tungsten Size

    __________________Tungsten Type

    _______Y - N___________Gas Lens


    I tried in microsoft excel but couldn't lock the range so you could go through the answer area only. Not smart enough.

    Anyway, maybe someone could put something on this link and we could fill in the data and attach pics to show the outcome.

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    I have an Excel data sheet that I use for settings on my pipes, it works for me but mine isnt as detailed as what you posted.
    I just typed in the headings at the top and the settings below, and the particular weld on the left side columb.

    I use open office which is almost the same as Excel.
    mike sr

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    nice idea, Leefy.
    is there a hiden menu settings on a dynasty SD? like thier is with the DX?
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    Andy, thanks for making this a sticky.

    I've made alot of progress with the help of yourself and the board, but am delighted to see this thread.

    Will post some pictures of the work and settings on my 300DX tomorrow for review.
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    Nice to finally see a thread like this coming directly from Miller. I have extensive experience with the Dynasty 200's (old and new), the D300, and the D350. I currently have a 350DX and a newer 200DX. If I can help in any way please don't hesitate to ask.

    Here are some threads I started regarding the 350DX and the new 200DX.
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    Dynasty 200DX TigRunner
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    When looking at the specs for the Dynasty 350,I notice that to get above the 200 amp range you need 3 phase input power.As a hobbyist with no 3 phase in my garage my current dynasty 200DX is about all the amperage I will be able to get with a plug in unit? Mike

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