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I've read through this entire thread and it seems to be a good idea to centralize a place where process related info can be gathered on a particular machine. I notice no activity in some time now. This is a really good resource especially for a newbie like me. I documented this by cutting and pasting them into one file. I focused on the post that mentioned specific process and the settings used. Good 200DX quick settings reference resource!!! After experimenting with my 200DX, I have a question:

1. What is the difference between these two settings:

1. Amp 60, PPS 300, Peak 50, Background 50
2. Amp 34, PPS 300, Peak 90, background 50

if I understand correctly, I realize in #1 peak=30amps, background =15amps, and #2 peak=30amps (give or take .01 or so) background = 15 amps. If the numbers are equal the same amps output will the weld characteric (performance) be the same -- minus the use of a foot pedal? Please let me know and correct me if I'm misunderstanding.

2nd question -- what usually causes an EWG tungsten to ball up when welding mild steel?
The easiest way to check it is to start welding, full pedal and read the ammeter it will tell you the amps with those settings.

If the tungsten balls welding steel, the polarity could be wrong, or possibly the machine is in AC.

To Tig weld steel, the polarity needs to be DC, straight polarity.