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    Default 350 setup downloads

    Quote Originally Posted by 'Stang View Post
    Dave, Thanks for the advice. I'll try to download an owners manual from Miller. Being a factory, our company just put the new Dynastys on the floor. No one I know of ever saw the owner's manuals. I know enough about aluminum tigging to know when something is wrong-just don't know how to fix it on this machine. As you said, the adjustments are endless!

    ...also download this as mentioned prior--this cheat sheet really helps to remind one--where they want to go!
    'This link:
    will help-for very basic reference info.

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    Default Dynasty 350 EN/EP settings.

    Thanks Dave. I have the quick reference guide. Got one with my 200DX. I'll go through the 350 owners manual and see what I can figure out. I was trying to take a short cut to save time. The company gets a little tweaked about us playing with the new machines on their time. Lol ! Have to figure things out after work, or before I clock in. But, I'll get there.

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    Default I do

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcTech View Post
    Does anyone weld anodized pipe with a Dynasty 200? I have a dynasty 300, but I'm looking for a mobile solution to plug into TB 302. I love my 300, just not sure if the 200 has the guts to bump weld anodized pipe. Seems like the amps would need to be run at max, and the duty cycle limited to 20%.
    The other option is high freq box on trailblazer.
    I would appreciate any input!
    I weld anodized pipe with mine all the time. I
    set at 180 amps, 120 freq, 70 bal

    Push button torch control, settings for 1 1/2" pipe.
    200DX, water cooled.

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    Default AC pulse

    On my Dynasty 200dx I have a provision for pulse which I use all the time, I am wonderig if there is anything in the works for a sine wave or AC type of pulse?

    The dc pulse when set low enough to work really well drives my eyes nuts with the instant on off......

    I use the dc pulse at about 50 cycles for the above reason, and I also use the foot pedal in a rhythmic fashion to give me a sort of an AC or sine wave type pulse at about .5 cycles per second, this works really well on 22 gage sheet metal and at the slow rate it doesnt bother my eyes.

    22 gage steel
    approximately 10 amps dc average
    wp9 torch at 8-10 cfh 100% argon

    I have about 350 hours on my machine and never a hiccup except for the gas valve which I re-lubed and it works fine again.
    mike sr

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    Default 350 Memory

    Hi Guys,
    I have been using my 3 week old dynasty(sweet machine)almost every day and have a problem with saving setups in the memory,if i setup the paramerters in say #2 and set the EN/EP for "same" and add all the other settings and then add another program in #3 and set EN/EP for independant and add all other settings and then go back to #2 saved program the EN/EP that was set to "same" is now changed to independent but all other settings remained the same,hope that made there something i'm supposed to do like a save button or something,i'm sure it is something i'm doing wrong.Any ideas? Thanks for your time,Dean
    Miller Dynasty 350
    Lincoln PT 375
    Miller Trailblazer
    Lagun 10x50 Vertical Mill
    Southbend 9x30 Lathe
    Kwik-Way Valve Grinder
    Victor O/A Set
    Delta 10" Vertical Band Saw
    45 Yrs. worth of hand tools & a couple hammers
    Custom Built Cylinder Head Flow Bench 1400 CFM

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    Default How do I change wave shape?

    I got my new Dynasty 280DX today. I think it's set on a default program. How do I change wave shape?

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    on my 350 you enter the advanced tig settings to adjust wave form by pressing the Amp button and Gas/Dig button together. once in there you can adjust all advanced settings including wave form.

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    I just read through, The only 280 is mine! When was the 280 DX introduced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willie B View Post
    I just read through, The only 280 is mine! When was the 280 DX introduced?
    About 6 months ago...

    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

    Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

    My Blue Stuff:
    Dynasty 350DX Tigrunner
    Dynasty 200DX
    Millermatic 350P w/25ft Alumapro & 30A
    Millermatic 200

    TONS of Non-Blue Equip, plus CNC Mill, Lathes & a Plasmacam w/ PowerMax-1000

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    I've read through this entire thread and it seems to be a good idea to centralize a place where process related info can be gathered on a particular machine. I notice no activity in some time now. This is a really good resource especially for a newbie like me. I documented this by cutting and pasting them into one file. I focused on the post that mentioned specific process and the settings used. Good 200DX quick settings reference resource!!! After experimenting with my 200DX, I have a question:

    1. What is the difference between these two settings:

    1. Amp 60, PPS 300, Peak 50, Background 50
    2. Amp 34, PPS 300, Peak 90, background 50

    if I understand correctly, I realize in #1 peak=30amps, background =15amps, and #2 peak=30amps (give or take .01 or so) background = 15 amps. If the numbers are equal the same amps output will the weld characteric (performance) be the same -- minus the use of a foot pedal? Please let me know and correct me if I'm misunderstanding.

    2nd question -- what usually causes an EWG tungsten to ball up when welding mild steel?

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