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Can the pulse feature be used on AC tig process, and is it effective? This is on a dynasty200 DX
As a newer user to the Dynasty lineup and newer to TIG welding overall I've found the pulse settings extremely helpful with heat control. I use it with new materials that are thin as the guys stated above, pps range from 1 to 30, sometimes up to 50, but I havent found much benefit for me above 50, 33% across the board for the rest with freq from 125-225 depending on how wide or deep I'm wanting to go with it, however when using thicker materials I end up around 50% ontime and 40% background, freq from 95-225 depending, I've done a lot of repair on older Aluminum snowmobile trailers, when you can't clean inside the tube your welding its hard to not end up with porosity as you pound in the heat, it'll leach the junk through from the inside if you get it too hot. Even with the pulse it's a battle on these, a lot of people won't touch them for this reason, but with pulse I've have great success and happy customers. When doing fusion welds I found that between 1-6 PPS with slightly higher than 33% worked best for me and gave me the best look to the welds with filler rod in use I'd be more in the 15-30 pps and the percentages mentioned above.

I love my Dynasty 350, I wouldn't give it up for anything, I just got a push pull for my MM 252 so I'm anxious to give that a try and see how it works, but my dynasty is a beast with AL.