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You are absolutely right. I recieved a very speedy reply from Miller about this, and they said the same thing.
Don't you hate it when stuff becomes obsolete so quick? I was thinking of selling the Dynasty as i have a new (to me) Syncrowave 250, but i might as well keep it, as i won't get much for the "old style".
My understanding of the subject goes like this.....
Sometime around July 2008 the change was made.
Nothing to designate the change other than before or after a certain serial number you either had the update or you did not.
You cannot update the earlier version machine.

I had just bought a new Dynasty off Ebay in July 2009 and read of the change here on the forum.
The break point serial number was given, so I went to check my serial number.
Although my machine was a 2009 model, the serial number was a lot earlier than the break point number.{ Like 2007.**

Long story made short, that prompted me to call Miller and see what was the deal. They had no record of my serial number at all.
It turns out my Dynasty had been stolen and the serial number on it was for a 2007 Millermatic 350 machine.
I later discovered my machine is a 2009 model by the labels inside and has all the updates except....... I have no warranty because the serial number is not original.

Just be happy yours is not a stolen machine. The differences are not that great....... pg