It has been requested by a few people to have a dedicated INVERTER thread and stick it.
This will be a thread mainly for Dynasty machines with their multi set up features. Diversions, while Inverters, are pretty basic and don't really belong in this group.
This thread is for specific questions regarding set up, menu features, processes or general experiences that feature the Dynasty type machines.

There also have been a lot of requests for a Dynasty book. Even though this is a GREAT idea and has been looked at, our resources at this time are too thin to take on this exhausting task. It's not as easy as jotting down notes on how the Dynasty welds. It has to follow a progression of features and benefits along with weld samples and practical applications examples.
If and when the economy picks back up and we gain some additional weld engineers, an in depth book on Dynasty functions could be possible.

Until then, this thread should help gather some data to help our advanced inverter users and be a collective area where our weld engineers can browse, time willing, and participate.

This is NOT an area for service issues. I'd like to keep this welding related.