In a few areas on my car I have used my MM210 Mig to weld in patch panels on the car, tacking every inch or so, jumping around and letting it cool. This has worked, but I was not crazy about all the grinding that needed to be done afterward (maybe caused by my lack of experience).

So I was tacking a patch panel in on Saturday on my rusty quarter panel with the Mig and thought "I wonder if the Tig machine would do this a little cleaner"

So before I move forward to use my new Tig machine on the panel, I plan on practicing a good amount on some scrap sheetmetal of similar thickness. My question: is there anything I should do specifically in Tigging thin body panels? For example, is it best to tack similar to Mig, or run a continuous bead with the Tig? I realize heat is the enemy here and do not want to warp the panel, but was concerned that even a real low amperage setting may warp the panel with a continous bead.