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    Default Dynasty 200 DX, Coolmate; one plug?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has wired up the Coolmate (2.1A@115V/60Hz) to run off of the welder's supply, so you'd only have to run one power cord-- seeing as it's a mobile machine for me, that would be very convenient. Some larger welders have accessory outlets built into them; I'd like to do something like that.

    So far I've taken a cursory look at the welder's wiring diagram, and I don't see the obvious path. For instance I could easily hook an inverter to the 15V supply intended for the remote connector, but I couldn't find max load specs for it. Alternatively, I could convert one of the other DC lines to 115V AC, but I don't want to tap a switched line or one that's used for feedback, regulation, etc. There are many ways to accomplish this, but I don't have enough info.

    The other option is to hook a separate universal power supply to the welder's input leads, but that would likely be very expensive.

    Thoughts other than "Danger Will Robinson!" would be appreciated.

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    Wasn't going to use" Danger Wil Robinson" thought about what MacGyver would do, and in reality none of his ideas actually worked, and yours won't either, so think about another way of wiring in your cooler...

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    Jul 2009


    Yeah, but I'm an ECE guy, not MacGyver...

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    So, I've decided to pull power from one leg of the welder's mains input rather than from the power supply for several reasons: I need AC and it's silly to take rectified DC and re-invert it; there's too little info on the rectified power inside the welder; I don't want to sap the welder's power; and I like my warranty.


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    Here's what i did to solve the problem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrenchnride247 View Post
    Here's what i did to solve the problem...

    I did about the same thing after I fried my first set of hoses. I have a label on the front of my dynasty (right next to the digital readout) that says "Turn on cooler"

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    I hope a sparky reads this and takes this idea and runs with it

    If you are using this in the shop with a cooler anyways, how about making a switch box up in front of your cart set-up. You would have just one off and on switch, and 3 recepticals in back...2 115volt and 1 240 volt. This would be handy because the dynasty switch is about as handy as wiping your @$$ thru your shirt collar IMO!!
    This box may already exist for all I know. If so I want one. Esp if it was like a plastic osha kinda thingy
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    The Dynasty is a multi voltage auto link system, with that in mind, if it was operated on anything but 230 single phase (using one phase for the 115), I would think it would be more trouble than its worth.....

    I just use an air cooled torch, if I need the 200 amps the wp26 air cooled would fill the bill.

    I am a bit old and believe in Murphys law too!! "If turning on the cooler can be forgotten it will be sooner or later".

    I like Fusions idea of the switchable receptacle box. I am still laughing about wiping ones rear thru his shirt collar ha!!
    mike sr

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    Jul 2008
    Houston TX


    That is one complaint where I believe Miller missed the boat....... putting the #*! off/on switch on the rear panel. Nothing but a pain.

    Since I run my Dynasty on 3 phase, I am not about to play with switch relocation. But the on/off switch for my Coolmate is located on the front panel and I sure wish the Dynasty had been done the same way.
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