Hi everyone,

My name is Shelly, and a non-profit company recently hired me as a job counselor. I am new to the field and need to learn lots about different kinds of jobs. I need some advice about writing a resume and interviewing for an entry-level position as a welder.

My first client is a young man who has received a Certificate of Achievement in Welding-Gas and Electric from the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, and has a Los Angeles City license as a Certified Welder in Structural Manual Process. But he has no previous work experience.

If anyone can answer any of the following questions I would really appreciate it.

When applying for an entry level welding position what do you wear to an interview? Do you dress up?

Do entry-level positions require a resume or just filling out an application?

Any tricky questions on applications to look out for?

What skills do employers look for, technical as well as soft skills like "being a team player"?

What kinds of companies are more likely to offer entry level welding positions?

Any suggestions on finding entry-level positions in the Los Angeles area?

Are there any good job search websites for welders?

Are there apprenticeships? If so what kinds of companies offer apprenticeships, how do you find them?

Are most jobs union jobs? If so what does it take to get into the union?

Any advice on helping a young man start a welding career will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks for your time and attention!


Shelly Reswick
Southern California Rehabilitation Services