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    thanks HMW, most of the time its just my brain (what there is of it left) working faster than my fingers. or just smacking 2 keys at once. the spell checkers doesn't know nouns from verbs i guess so stuff happens.

    Old Sporty, well after deep contemplation and much thought with regards to my punishment, my brain started to hurt, so i called that suffering enough for my crime, and ate the cup-cakes. um mm, yummy

    WE MOST DEFINATLEY NEED SOME HUMOR ON HERE, things have been getting a little melodramatic on here
    i agree 100% but some feel the humor is destroying the site.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped

    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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    Default Off topic humor

    James, I visit a number of other sites as well as this one and I couldn't help but notice that the guys complaining on this site don't complain about it on the other sites. Has anyone been to shop floor talk lately, I don't think I've seen any real talk about work related issues much lately, just a lot of off topic stuff, some funny, some insightful, and some just off the wall. (By the way SFT people I'm not complaining, I enjoy it) I have also noticed some of the complainers that have left this site are pulling the bully routine elsewhere now, so be it, good riddance to them and we will carry on. Maybe even better than before. Dave
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    Default Humor

    Fun4Now -"agree 100% but some feel the humor is destroying the site"

    I have never seen true, clean, humor as having the ability to destroy anything except a bad attitude or frown. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. All things in moderation, however.

    This is after all a welding site and should reflect that, but a little laugh now and then couldn't or shouldn't hurt anyone.

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    Yes,, if you want dull a guy can always go hang out with the electricians, very dull, dull, dull, no sense of humor and very politically correct most of the time.

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