Hi All, I am a 50 year old Boy rediscovering my Childhood,with my Kids (lots of Fun). Back In the Early 80s I build a Single Seat VW Desert Rail,out of .095 for the Chassis,and .120 for the Cage or "Top Half " of the Car,I had a Miller 200 which was almost new at the time and the car never cracked,bent,had a failed weld or otherwise and looked clean. Turn the Clock forward 28 years or so and I now have a Millermatic 175 loaded with .030 ER70S Wire with a 75%Argon/25% C02 Mix, I have a Nice JD2 Model 3 Bender,A JD2 Notchmaster Notcher,an OXy.Acetylene Rig,A Cheapie Chicago 130Amp TIG (never even turned it on),and every kind of CutOff,Sawing,Grinding Tool ,one could possibly want. I am trying to pass on some of my Welding Skills that I have developed over the years (some self taught/some Instructor Learned),I dont remember having such a hard time producing a consistent good looking weld. All of my joints are super good before welding.I am running 45 Voltage and 50ish wire speed with about 15 lbs. of gas. The machine sounds like it is happy,but my welds have a higher "crown" I guess you would call it than Looks good,the penetration is there obviously by looking at the tube afterwards.What do I need to do to "flatten down the bead,am I moving too slowly? I don't like to have to grind my beads down but they are just plain ugly if I do not. Everything I am welding is .095 Round Mild Steel Tubing. It kind of feels like the machine is pushing me too fast to get around the tube.How much time approx. should it take to MIG halfway around a 1.5 tube with an airtight notch? I only spent 30 minutes today,after at least 10 years off from welding before becoming frustrated,I am in Vegas and it's 116 today in the garage which does not help,I don't have any fans or anything blowing my Shield away,and it sounds like a happy weld,no popping or anything.I did run out of .030 tips so I was welding with an .035 tip on .030 wire,would that cause a problem. Thanks for listening and any advice in advance,I have been reading through all of the tube related forums,I am not lazy and ignoring the questions already asked many times to the best of my knowledge.Thanks Again In Advance for anyone who might have an Obsevation or suggestion,Vegas