Well, I have a new twist on an old rig. have an old case 311b sitting in the corner of the shop for about a year, customer couldnt make his mind up what he wanted to do. Bad crank and two cracks in the block, soooooooooo. I recomended a heart transplant. He went for it. He is the president of a local tractor pull association, so i cant let him down, could I? Well anyway I had an old 400M ford laying around and said i would donate the engine and he pay the labor. He said GO FOR IT! Got my work cut out for me for a while, told him it would be ready for testing in about a month. have to work on it in my spare time, just swamped in the shop. Pics. from start to finish to come soon, probably starting tomorrow. Wish me luck! Let me know what ya think, thanks