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Thread: Which union?

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    Im currently inroled at ATI Tech. school in Dallas, for the combo welding program. Ive already qualified on the bend test for open root plate 1G-4G Mig, Tig, Fluxcore, and Stick. We just started Stick pipe and blueprints but im picking it up very fast as well. Im the only one in my class with all qualifications offered so far. They have a job placement service at the end of the program, but i was considering the union. I really dont want to travel due to having kids and family life at the moment, but i hear you dont necaserily have to travel to work with the union. Ive got several networks through school, some say the union is the only way to go, others say they would rather find there own jobs. I was wondering if anybody had any advice for me to jump start my career.

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    Default "Live Better, Work Union"

    cg: Absolutely 100% Union! Living in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, as you do, (even Houston), check with UA Pipefitters or Boilermaker's, if you are excelling in pipe, and the Ironworker's and United Steel Workers.

    Many Union jobs can be "plant" and/or "shop" jobs. There are many maintenace welding jobs in warehouses, dairy processing plants, that are Teamsters, as well as the IBEW with utility companies.

    Working Union provides you with Health & Welfare Benefits, Pension, contract languge defining work related issues, and grievance & arbitration proceedures, vacations, paid holidays, premium pay, etc.

    Labor and Trade Unions are needed now more than ever, as membership has declined in the past 20 years.

    Check with the Locals in your area, as apprenticeship program openings differ by State. Even if you do have to work a non-Union job in the interim, keep knocking on their doors, you'll be so glad you did.

    As a footnote, concrete and asphalt batch plant operations and maintenance is usually performed by Operating Engineers (grizzlies, crushers, plant set-ups and take downs, etc), so there's another avenue to explore. Shop welding is usually done by Teamster Mechanics/Welders.

    My pensions with the United Steel Workers, and International Broitherhood of Teamsters are safe and secure.

    Good luck, keep us posted of your progress.

    "Bonne journe'e mes amis"

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    Default boilermaker pics

    Quote Originally Posted by ssmontec86 View Post
    I would really appreciate any insight as to what each union has to offer a welder (types of jobs/work sites, wages, etc.). I am unsure about all of the differences between Ironworkers, Boilermakers, and Pipefitters when it comes to work for a welder. Appreciate any and all facts, opinions and everything else.
    I've heard that in some countries, namely Australia, that the term boilermaker would relate to any heavy metal industry. In north america, the affiliated unions have longstanding agreements amonst themselves as to individual jurisdiction. Very loosely put..... ironworkers do the structural framework and rebar building,....pipefitters do the piping,.... and boilermakers do the boilers/pollution systems as well as storage tanks, dam work, refinery vessel placement and the maintenance for all of the above. Modern times have brought on the non-union/non-affiliated sector which may not distinquish between trades. The following is a good site for boilermaker pictures. Click on the pictures, some have slideshows. Warning that some are long downloads but worth it if you're interested.

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