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    Quote Originally Posted by dabar39 View Post
    Thanks for the kind words from all of you, I'll tell you what, just watching that little girls face light up and the beaming glow that surrounded her face not only made my day but has got to be the highlight so far this year. Thanks for letting me share it with you, Dave
    Dave, I'm new around here but after reading this post I'm obviously in some very good company. Everyone else has said it well enough but my hats off to ya.

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    You Sir, are good in my book..


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    Sweet of you! Now, I'll have to help someone. You gave me a welding bon'r.
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    You are truly one of the great ones. Well done.


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    Anything I say is gonna sound cheap or like a hallmark card, but what the heck. Thank goodness for people like you. If everyone took the time to do more things like this, the world wouldn't be such a mess
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    geat job and it was a tear jerker
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    what they said. You are good people!

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