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Thread: Flash Burn

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    Default Flash Burn

    how long does it usually take to go heal??? and do i NEED to visit my eye doctor? i saw somewhere to stop wearing contacts until it heals so i took them out wearing an old pair of glasses.

    i was helping a welding build a railing on a deck in the field and i was holding the pickets for him and figured looking away was enough well we did about 100 tacs that day and i came home and my face felt a little sun burnt and the bottom corner of my eye was red. it looks worse now. i have very little discomfort in my eye except for when i wake up and nothing abnormal with vision no spots or anything like that. BUT i am wearing my hood now when i help, eyes are very important and i'd like to protect what little eye sight i have left.

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    Flashburn feels like you eyes have sand in them, and is painful. I would tend to think you have gotten something in it if its only in one area of one eye. Probably wouldnt hurt to see a doctor if it persists.
    mike sr

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    A little discomfort is not flash burn. As stated above you may have something your eye.
    Flash burn feels like someone shot you in the face with pepper spray. I got burnt once and woke up a 2 am with what felt like acid in my eyes. Nothing I could do would would relieve the pain i just had the let it run it's course. Took about twenty minutes to settle down felt like forever.
    That was fourteen years ago And I haven't been burnt since. Always wear a hood with the proper lens shade.
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    Try a hot Tea Bag on your eye and see if that helps...Bob
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    IT feels like salt was put in your eyes and Any of the times i got it My eyes felt funny for about a day.

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    Here's the deal. ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION!!!! PERIOD!!!
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    If you even suspect that you have something in your eye you should have it looked at by a doctor to make sure. What you described sounds more like you have something in your eye.

    The eyes are the fastest healing part of the body and can heal over an object in as little 24 hours. Big problem with that is formation of a rust ring which can cause problems later.

    I'm certainly not a doctor but as you say your eyes are very important and you don't get a second chance if something is damaged. I vote for a doctor visit or a trip to one of those "express care" facilities seeing (no pun intended) as it's a holiday weekend. Good luck and always wear eye protection.
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    Unhappy Arc Burn !!

    Quote Originally Posted by m.k.swelding View Post
    IT feels like salt was put in your eyes and Any of the times i got it My eyes felt funny for about a day.
    Hi, If you have a Weldors Flash, It Does Not Feel Funny !!

    In My younger days I had Hundreds, maybe thousands, Welding on a production line . When you flip your shield up the other Weldor is Welding !
    No such thing as an Auto Darkening Welding Shield in them days !!
    I Welded for another 30yrs. before in needed to wear reading glasses, been wearing them now for 12yrs. for reading & Welding !!

    .............. Norm

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    andyman, eye doctor cant do much couse demage is done, cold compresses over you face will help a lot, chamomille tea bags over your flashed eye but be sure there are cold! and aloe vera on burned skin just apply over and over again, Just today I did some small welds with short sleeves shirt and here we go again uv burns, so I used aloe vera and helps right away, always I meen always cover any open skin and do no a single tac without mask!
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    Hi Andyman.

    From the way it sound like you might have some thing in your eye so, yes you should get it checked out just because ITS YOUR EYES! Ben there and have hasd mine taped shut for 2-3 days before just because I was in a hurry doing a project and then I paid for it and so did my family because my wife had to do every thing for me during that time.

    As for some thing that will help take the pain away get your self a good size potato and slice a couple pcs about 1/8" thick and lay them on your eyes with a hot wash cloth over them for about 1/2hr at a time, some thing in the spud draws out the burn & itch of flash burn.

    Just thought I would pass that along to you and form now on try to wear your hood even when your just tacking parts up or helping a buddy do fit ups.
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