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    If any of you decide to cut keyways into the dies of your Harbor Freights tubing roller, may want to buy a better quality broach than I did!
    The round dies are very soft but the square tube die is pretty tough!

    These are "my" views based only on “my” experiences in “my” little bitty world.

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    I though I would drop in and refresh this post on HF Tubing Rollers.

    I have been selling Harbor Freight tubing roller dies for just over a year. I initially set out to produce one size of die 1.75" round die. The only catch is that in order to make machining dies cost effective I have to have 10 sets made at a time. Sell 9 and keep one for myself, however as soon as I placed the dies on my website I had numerous requests asking for 1.25" and 1.625' dies.

    Fast forward a year and my nich product has spread into the bicycle builders, sail boat manufactures, chopper fabricators, and so on. I recently pulled the trigger and am now be making the following die sizes for the Harbor Freight Tube Roller.

    .0625" Round
    0.75" Round
    1.125" Round
    1.25" Round
    1.625" Round
    1.75" Round
    .75" Square
    1.00" Square
    1.50" Square
    2.00" Square

    In addition I sell what I call weld on wings for the HF tubing roller as well. These wings are made out of A-572 Gr50 1/4" thick steel. They extend the total width of the bottom rollers 6" for the first hole and 12" for the second hole. with these wings welded into place it reduces the total amount of force required to roll the tubing 50%.

    I great seeing what you guys build with this roller.

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    I know people were speculating on wether or not to buy because of how thick of tubing they could use, but i just bought one and used it to roll 5/8" round bar and it did it like it was nothing, so I'm satisfied. Saved me a lot of time instead of building my own.

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