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Virtually every tube roller of that nature (that costs several times more) says right on their info that it will not do a circle.
I'm not saying they won't just passing on what they say.
As far as the flat spot goes you simply tug the tube outside of the machine and roll it past aways (farther than the flat spot x 2) and then cut it on both ends, re-align them, and weld them together.
Wait untill you read their directions!! They are horrible. They contradict themselves and are just plain FOS on the capability. Which causes people to try to do things that just plain out is not gonna happen.
This machine is for long radius bends...like 10 foot radius's...not 10 inches like they say in the "manual"
I am sitting with the "manual" in front of me and it says you can bend:

1" tube on a 5" radius
1 1/2" tube on a 7 1/2" radius
2" tube on a 10" radius

They lay this on you right after telling you that you cannot bend tube larger than 1 1/4"

They also tell you the rollers are 4" in diameter which is the smallest diameter you can make with this tool.

If this were possible everyone would sell their benders and run to Harbor Freight because this would be the end-all of all benders ever made were this capability possible. Literally a "pipe dream"

Now using it in the realm of realizing it is a low dollar version of this sort of machine it offers a good value for what you pay and in capable hands could turn out some decent work... altho not perfect or identical without MUCH practice.
Now you tell us!! On your "value judgement" of this tool I went early to HF today and purchased it with the square die set. Just kidding. Anyone that thinks this this unit could make such small circles has limited knowledge of these tools. I'm just opening mine and setting it up. If the dies are any good at all it should be worth the price. Making a roller die is a real task for anyone even with decent equipment.