Hello All,

Iím new to all this welding and have only taken a 9 hour course on welding and learned a little bit of Gas/Mig/Tig. Even though I only got to use the Mig machine I am definitely hooked.

Anyway so my question is can I weld T6 6061 Aluminum with Oxy/Acetylene Kit? Iím looking to buy a small portable kit since money is tight and Iíll be doing small parts anyway. Right now I have to fabricate a tab to weld to my 97í 750 frame which is cast aluminum. So here are the questions:

1. What type of aluminum is a 97í Gsxr 750 frame?
2. Can I use an Oxy/Acetylene to weld square and round tubing for sub frames, and aluminum sheet and tubing since Iím going to try to make my own exhaust as well?
3. Would I be able to use these tanks to work on these projects or will I run out of gas? Iím looking to buy this small kit with 20 cubic ft. oxygen tank and 10 cubic ft. acetylene tank.

I know it sounds like a bit much but Iím a motorcycle enthusiast and I just donít see anything on the market that I like and the bikes I do like I canít afford.

So Iíve decided trying to make it myself.

Thanks for any tips,