My wife dragged me along shopping for some solar lights for a friend. I got to thinking a couple of wall mounted units would look nice beside my door, and get rid of the problem of people forgetting to turn lights on for me at night when I come home. I looked around and of course there are none. But, they do have some stainless steel solar powered lights that mount on a little post made from a tube. And, I have a welder. Seems I should be able to do something about this.

I buy a couple of the lights, at $5 each. They are an stainless head, that sits on a stainless tube which sticks into the ground. The tube is 0.900" in diameter, give or take, with .010" walls. I bought some 3/16" x 2 1/2" 304SS flat bar, and figure I can cut a piece for the wall, and a piece to stand off away from the wall. I also have some SS 1" dia. tube x .035" wall. I figure the .010" is beyond the capability of a Diversion - maybe a Dynasty, but I was too cheap for that. I'm thinking though I should be able to TIG the .035" tube to the stand-off bracket (3/16" on edge) to make a holder for the tube for the light to drop into.

My question is for welding dissimilar thicknesses, do you go with the tungsten and filler rod for the thicker, the thinner or somewhere in between? My gut feel is the thicker, and apply the bulk of the heat to it, but your thoughts are appreciated.