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    Quote Originally Posted by youngwelder_154 View Post
    Hey everyone I haven't been on in the past two weeks or so and I just started my welding program, I have to say I was only there one day but just being there it was like a dream they just got two brand new machines from ESAB and Lincoln worth a $30,000 price tag the only two in Prince Edward Island as well. Today was just a big get together bbq at the big college in town, I went to different areas to meet different people and one person definitely got my attention when saying $1000 I found out that since I lived in PEI all my life and for the last year completing high school ( everyone has this opportunity is they qualify) I get $1000 given to my for the next 3 years for either my tuition or for what ever I want and this year its for what ever I want but its all going to be for my gas and my cell phone bill. But I have to say my welding program is going to be a great experience we even have a young lady there with us I'm glad to see that girls are getting involved with the trades now. There seems to be more and more coming to the college every year. They have one success story where a girl graduated and ended up getting a job up at Atlantic turbines welding exotic metals for aero planes, and I may also add she got into a car accident the same year and broke her back and tried to come back to school a week later wanting to finish the course all I can say is thats pure determination. Keep on coming girls we need ya out in the trade
    Ya girls are great until you work beside one! Then all you hear all day is can you help me what should I do about this. ect.... Man you need to get off that island and work in the real world not your fantasy world! In my experience girls make exellent helpers stabbers even spacers but very few make great welders although I sure they are out there I've just never met her! Just go to school do good and move as far away from that island as you can. Then when you get some experience you can move back and tell them that they were wrong! Jef

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    It pays to be a good welder but a guy could really hang his hat on being able to do one thing well I might be tempted to really work on bending. If you were super good at that one thing you wouldnt have to know much else,, ha
    I tell my Buds kid, a bright lad not to be a genius at this job he gets a while back when work was good but to be the first one to grab up the shovel. Probably still be working today if he would have picked up on that.
    I wanted to have that stinger in my hand when I was a sprout. As I got a bit older I change gears and figure a way to stand out first thing on a new job. I get bored easily so I love going somewhere new when things are gearing up and people are fumbling around with their hands in their pockets. About the second day the boss comes over and asks,,, what you think we should do,,, ha

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