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    Quote Originally Posted by FusionKing View Post
    No your not. Your whining about us whining! Not bothering me one bit tho. I'm just glad to see you here posting. (here I would put a happy face, but I wouldn't want to take your message out of context...oops I need another one. Dang it Miller, maybe I'll start my own thread and WHINE about how we NEED more smilies just to keep this board more civil!)
    And oh yea! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    I am still imagining Kevin on the phone, asking some Miller engineer, "Now exactly WHAT were you thinking about when you installed THIS function?"
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    Default Advanced TIG Guide

    Well, this is quite a long post . . and while I can't answer each and every detail, I'd like to clarify a few points that may be insightful.

    First, Miller employs a variety of very talented, capable people - especially in the areas of welding and applications. That being said, our end-users are the experts that use our equipment to accomplish daily tasks and deal with those unique situations that inevitably come up.

    When welding - especially TIG - with advanced power sources like the Dynasty, there are numerous ways to accomplish things. The overall process is quite simple, but applying it can be very complex when you consider all the variables even beyond the welder itself - material, filler, gas, fixturing, part geometry, quality requirements, etc. Each of these influences the weld and each welder may choose a different technique or "trick" to achieve success. Our focus has been to provide the necessary background that allows our customers to be successful at performing their magic.

    From a resource perspective - you will find numerous books, articles and videos on TIG welding instruction. These cover the basic and advanced applications alike, but you may find them to be more general and theoretical as the topics become more advanced. Notable publications from Miller include the TIG Welding Handbook, TIG Welding for Dummies and your Miller Owner's Manual. You can download a basic setup guide for Dynasty products - which is a 2 page guide on the most common settings and adjustments . . and Miller also has an ever-expanding video libary (wink, wink) that can offer some tips. To find these and more, click on the link for Improving Your Skills.

    At Miller, we continue to look for opportunities to improve our offering . . and we'll keep all of these questions and comments in mind as we develop support materials and programs. And remember, we're looking for any specifics that can be included so they better meet your needs.


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    I remember a few years back we had a thread where a guy jumped in and said he could weld 1" aluminum with the DX 200. Sure there was skepticism, to put it mildly, but he got a hearing. That was the moment I knew I needed a DX. Magical properties.

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    Was that the same poster who said, "If elephants had wings, they could fly?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by SundownIII View Post

    Was that the same poster who said, "If elephants had wings, they could fly?"
    Dumbo can fly, and he only has his big ears

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