Have been Tig Welding since the late 1960's..... so am not looking for a beginners instruction book...... What I am hoping for is a Cookbook/Instruction Book that Addresses the extended capabilities of the Dynasty Machines.... Added a Dyn 350 Tigrunner about a year and a half ago and a Dyn 200 (Blue Lightning) a few months ago..... to our arsenal... these machines have HUGE capabilities beyond the old Chopper or Mag-Amp Tig machines...... was hoping that someone at Miller or one of our resident experts had started on such a project...... if nothing else maybe we could use this thread to exchange favorite setting info,, quirks,, tricks,, etc for these exceptional inverters......
Would be Nice if Miller were to add an additional chapter to the Tig Handbook that addresses this new universe of possibles... (but a whole book would ge great..)