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I think you are in the wrong business.. You should be a motivation speaker, I think the middle east needs one..
I am glad that America in general did not have that attitude, otherwise we would not even have buzz boxes. We would still be making things out of stone and bones..
I don't know how you were raised, but I was raised to be the best you can be and having welds like the ones in the video or the ones that USMCRUS lays down is not out of the question..
I do realize there are lazy and could not give a care people around, but you should not judge all by just a few. I would like to think that the people here on the Miller Forum is here to share thier talents, and to help each other in the welding and fabricating trade. So that we will be able to lay down a weld that's perfect. We are not here to learn how to play the guitar like Eric Clapton, I am sure there are forums for that.
And if some one told me I would never be able to lay down the perfect weld, I would say" TALK TO THE HAND AND WATCH ME " Check out James 1:2-8
We all should go to the inventor of welding for wisdom to apply knowledge.
And to all that reads this don't let anybody tell you that you won't make it. because the truth is, you can if you want to....
Actually, jdustu is right... Please dont bring cruz into this, I see you are in florida, hmmmm....

As far as people go, no, not EVERYONE can weld like that, no matter how much they are taught, it is a skill, some things cant be learned or bought, you do need ability do do certain things in life. I believe that was josh's point. And I agree completely.